Abir Chowdhury (IK)

Internasjonal komite – Medlem

Studiested: USN – Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge

E-post: abirchowdhury33@gmail.com
Telefon: 94729416

Motivasjon for å stille til dette vervet

Achieve internationalization through diversification & participation, Maintain respect and dignity towards each culture, country and community, Avoid being judgmental, opinionated and stereotyped, and Ensure accountability and acknowledgement; these personal mottos of mine make me a suitable candidate for the position.

I have been a proactive member of SAIH, ISU, SDSN, NITO, IE, DNT in regional and national level for a time being. I have been a founding member of new movements like «No Plastic November», which collaborates with Naturvernforbundet and Natur og Ungdom. I have been a volunteer of Red Cross, Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival, Studentsamfunnet i Grenland, TEDx Youth Oslo 2020, Barnas Fredspris, DELTA foreningen, and Verdens Beste Nyheter. I have been the campus representative of my campus in an annual project called «International Voices of USN». I have been a Fadder in the Fadder Board of my campus, as well as the volunteer in the Karrieredagen. I am also the convener of Ingeniører Uten Grenser Telemark. I am looking forward to attend the Landsmote of NSO this year, as an observer from my university. I have been also nominated for the vice-president position of «FN-studentene Norge».

Active engagement in these organizations, causes and communities have taught me to be a better human being, to believe in harmony and to work for an inclusive society. Times spent in these organizations have developed my interpersonal skills and intrapersonal skills. I am a Masters student of Electrical Power Engineering. I believe that my skills and experiences make me a worthy candidate to be a member of «Internasjonal komite».

NSO is the highest and biggest forum of students here in Norway, which has been contributing significantly in the lives of students, as well as education and socio-economic scenario, through political involvement and dialogues between students and other stake-holders. It would be a life-time achievement for me to be a part of NSO. The development of NSO’s policies in International issues and level will be of highest importance for me, if I would become a part of International committee.