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NSO supports South African #FeesMustFall protests

From #FeesMustFall
From #FeesMustFall

The National Union of Students in Norway (NSO) wishes to demonstrate its support for the demands of the South African students against raising their tuition fees by 11.5%. We strongly condemn all use of violence against students who use their democratic right to protest.

In the last days we have seen massive protests against a proposed increase of tuition fees by 11.5% at South African higher education institutions. South Africa is a country that suffers from substantial inequalities and many live in poverty. An increase in tuition fees will only increase inequality in South Africa and obstruct social mobility and equality. It is troubling that the  leaders of South African institutions of higher education support this raise.

NSO calls for

  • The release of students arrested by the South African government
  • Dialogue between the government and student representatives concerning the proposed budget
  • All use of violence to be stopped.
  • The Norwegian government to condemn the use of violence from the South African authorities against the protesting  students.

The National Union of Students in Norway (Norsk studentorganisasjon, or NSO in Norwegian) is the largest organisation for students in Norway. Comprising 43 member unions from higher education institutions across the country. The member unions represents more than 230 000 students. NSO’s goal is to ensure students’ academic, social and economic rights.
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