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Norwegian students support March For Our Lives

The executive board of NSO.
The executive board of NSO.

No guns on our campuses

We believe the right to a secure learning environment is global. The academic community must be at the forefront of this battle.

This Saturday, students all over the US march on Washington DC to demand their safety become a prioritised area. School and university shootings must end. The National Union of Students Norway (NSO) support the march and other global intiatives to end violence on campus.

Resolution adopted by the central board of NSO, March 3rd. 2018:

No guns on our campuses

In response to recent school shootings in the US, Norwegian students call for a global response against gun violence. We demand a ban on guns on our university campuses, and stricter national laws on gun ownership. We stand united and in solidarity with students worldwide in their fight for a secure learning environment without fear of violence.

The National union of Students in Norway (NSO) main platform states:

The right of students to safety, academic freedom, democratic rights and education is global and must be protected. In cases where the rights of students are restricted or under threat, the National Union of Students in Norway will offer its united support as part of the international student movement.

Campuses should be a safe haven for studying, and Norwegian students wholly support the cause of GCPEA, The Global Campaign to Protect Education from Attack. Likewise, now the US student initiative The March For Our Lives states: “Every kid in this country now goes to school wondering if this day might be their last. We live in fear.” [1] This cannot go on.

According to the organisation Armed Campuses [2] there is a growing concern, that more and more states allow concealed guns on campuses.

Recent studies confirm [3] that the right to carry even concealed guns increase violent crime. Furthermore, Armed Campuses point out the states who have bans: “[…] have helped to make our post-secondary education institutions some of the safest places in the country.”

As a result, Norwegian students stand united with global initiatives  to strive for strict gun laws and the protection of schools and universities. Subsequently educational institutions be given the same protection as hospitals, under international law.

NSO demands:

  • that students everywhere should be, and feel, safe at university premises.
  • that students in the US are heard in their protests against state and federal laws on gun ownership.
  • that guns and weapons have no place on university campuses.
  • that the academic community support the movement to ban guns and weapons on campuses.
  • that universities and schools be given protection under international law.

[1] https://www.marchforourlives.com/

[2] http://www.armedcampuses.org/

[3] https://news.stanford.edu/2017/12/07/new-study-analyzes-recent-gun-violence-research/

[4] http://keepgunsoffcampus.org/

Part of the central board of NSO.


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