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10.11.2014 (oppdatert 13.11.2014)

How are you celebrating the International Students’ Day?

Tell us now, and we’ll promote your event so that more people might join!

On the 17th of November we celebrate the International Students’ Day. On that very day in 1939, nine student demonstrators were excecuted without trial in Prague after organising the anti-Nazi student movement during the occupation. Since 1941, that day has been marked by student unions all over the world as a politically independent day for students and everyone who is interested in, and supports the student movement. In many institutions and student unions, the day is marked as a celebration for international students, and for the diversity our international colleagues give us in our lecture halls and on campus.

It has been some years since the 17th of November has been marked in Norway in an organised way. In the context of the proposal to introduce tuition fees and the debate that is going on in the public space, it is time to change that, and make International Students’ Day 2014 one to remember!

It will be an eventful day all over the country – hopefully every single institution will take part in what might be seen as a national objection to tuition fees, Helge Schwitters says, while encouraging student representatives to notify NUS Norway on the different events that are arranged that day.

– 17th of November will be a celebration of international students and the added value to Norwegian higher education that comes with internationalized campuses. What could be a more fitting way to celebrate this than arguing for equal access and free education for students outside the EU/EEA, he asks.

Please email Edvin Søvik (edvin@student.no) to notify us about your events, so that we can put them on our website here.

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