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Emily MacPherson – LM 2021

Arbeidsutvalget – Internasjonalt ansvarlig

Studiested: Høgskolen i Innlandet

Epost: macp.emily@gmail.com
Telefon: 47668257

Motivasjon for å stille til dette vervet

Heia! Eg heite Emily, eg er 31 og frå Storbritannia via Sunnmøre. Eg pratar kav sunnmøring, men har valt å skrive på engelsk, for at flest mogleg skal forstå. I got my bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise with Biological science from Oxford Brookes. I did half a degree in Music Business Management in Rena, and I’m now completing my masters in Exercise Physiology in Lillehammer. I’ve always been engaged in the world around me. I’ve been class rep, sat on the board of Studentsamskipnaden i Innlandet, I’ve organised “Fadderuka” and “UKA” in Rena, started rugby clubs in Sunnmøre and Innlandet, been part of the equality and diversity committee at my institution, and a member of the board of ADHD Norge Innlandet. I’ve also been Vice President of my students’ union, and part of my role was international students’ officer. The past year I have been a member of NSO’s central board (sentralstyret) it’s been an honour to represent you, I now hope to do what I love full time.

As we are all aware international student mobility hasn’t been normal this year, just like most things this year haven’t been normal. Even though there haven’t been the usual student exchanges, there are still international students in Norway, and Norwegian students studying abroad. We need to make sure they are having the best possible student experience and ensure they have the means to thrive, not just survive! One day we will be able to move across borders again, and we need to ensure that exchanges are better than ever! Everyone should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures, learn different languages, broaden their horizons, and make new friends. The government published a white paper on student mobility and this needs to be followed up. This past year has highlighted many of the struggles for students worldwide. Students who can’t afford basic items, rent, or tuition fees and who are often forced to extreme measures to survive. Good health and wellbeing, whether mental or physical, should not be a luxury, but rather a basic human right. All students should have safe spaces to be themselves in and study. Solidarity is an important part of the student movement.

We’re fortunate in Norway to have free higher education, I know it still isn’t perfect, and we will continue to fight. Through sharing experiences, we can create policies in Europe and globally for a stronger student movement. I also really hope the Students at risk programme becomes a permanent scheme. One of the causes closest to my heart are disabled students’ rights. We need to ensure that regardless of ability students can access education and participate in all aspects of the student experience. Another important issue for me is the decolonisation of education. This can be achieved in all subject areas, and lead to greater participation. I have been surprised lately, I have had a module called disability and society and never expected to learn the perspectives I have. From my bedroom I have had video lectures with First Nations and Indigenous lecturers in Hawaii, Canada, and around the world, it has taught me about the world from a different point of view, and so many aspects I have not learnt or even considered before due to my western education. It has opened my eyes and blown my mind. It also shows that even though we are at home, we can still access so much of the world through our education.

I’ve been in student politics long enough to know i’s a marathon not a sprint, but if we all do something,together we can make a huge difference.I know I can’t change the world in one year,but I hope to do what I can to improve students’ experiences,with your help. We still live in uncertain times, but I am ready to represent and help lead you through the coming year. Whatever happens, we must fight for students’ rights wherever they are in the world. Stay safe and take care.

Hope to see you soon!

Ta vare på dokke sjølve, så sjåast vi på Landsmøtet! Godt val!