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Md Shifat Ullah

Sentralstyret – Medlem

Studiested: UiB – Universitetet i Bergen

E-post: shifatns@yahoo.com
Telefon: +4740477729

Motivasjon for å stille til dette vervet

My name is Md Shifat Ullah As an international student from Bangladesh living and studying in Norway for around 5 years, I have insights into what it is like to both study in another country radically different from Norway, and what student life here is like for someone who moves here. International students are a resource. But to function as a resource they need to be included. Both socially and in decision-making processes. My main motivation for this position is to work for students and internationalisations of education in Norway. I want to do this through the inclusion of all students in all aspects of education, integrating both international students and immigrants and mobilization of students and staff. As a member of NSO international committee, I have experience in working for international students and gain good knowledge in the sustainability of development through education and internationalization of academia. I will bring experience, motivation and high work capacity to the committee. Now I’m doing a master’s in physics (Microelectronics) at the University of Bergen. I have completed Masters of philosophy in System Dynamics. With my educational knowledge, I learned the way of decision making and better policy implementations. Here I am an active student, and I’m elected for my third term as the leader of International Students in the Student Parliament. I hope for your vote, so I can use my engagement and experience in international student politics as well as local student democracy to contribute to better terms for students all over the world.